*New* Classroom Tour!

July 22, 2016

You may have read this blog post and have taken a 

virtual tour of (what I thought would be) my classroom!


Up until July 8th, I thought this would be my classroom!

But as of July 9th, I have a NEW classroom!

Good thing teachers are programmed to be flexible, right? ;)


I am actually super excited for this new room because my connecting door now connects my classroom to my teammate who just happened to be my student-teaching mentor! Let the fun begin! :D

So, without further ado...

here is a tour of my new (and final!) classroom

This is the view from the hallway! To the left you will see the door that connects my classroom to my teammates classroom. This is a panoramic picture, so it makes the room look a bit larger than it actually is ;) As you can see, there aren't many differences between my new classroom and the classroom that I thought I was going to have. In my old classroom, there was about three feet of empty space next to the connecting door. In my new classroom, that empty space is now in the far right corner! My new room is a little bit shorter, but also wider. 

Stepping through the doorway and turning to the right, we are now here! You can see the trapezoid table in the bottom right corner of this picture. Next, I have a sink, counter space with storage, a large bulletin board, and four cabinets! Our classrooms don't have closets so the cabinets are typically used for teacher storage. Along the right wall is more bulletin board space, whiteboards, and my promethean board (better seen in the first picture).

I am now standing under my American Flag while taking this shot! As you can see, the cabinets, counter and sink are now along the wall to my left. To the left of the connecting door is my second bulletin board, above my small group area. My classroom provides me with the rainbow Lakeshore carpet, which is super exciting! To my right is my promethean board and my desk. You can see that the door connecting my classroom to my teammates classroom is open in this picture!

Here is a close up of the corner of the room with the desk. I now have much more space in this corner of the classroom than in my old room. The three feet of space from the old room seems to have been added to this corner in this new room! I have about six feet of open space along this wall now. Not sure if I want to keep the desk sticking out like this or turn it up against the right wall to take up less space.

I am now standing behind the desk! Just another view of the Promethean board, cabinets, counter space and bulletin board. 

Still standing behind the desk, I am now looking to the right along the back wall (the window wall). This wall has shelving with countertop that runs along the entire wall beginning at this point. For now, I plan to use this shelving for my library area and possibly for my writing center. I haven't decided on that yet! It's hard to plan a classroom when you have only seen it once for ten minutes and are across the country on vacation! Unfortunately there is not a bulletin board along this wall, but I plan to make a "pretend" one and put it where those red, green and blue papers are! I will use it for my classroom library area. In the corner you can see through the door into my teammates classroom.

 Here is a look at the end of the window wall, where the door leads into my teammates classroom. I plan to move the trapezoid table and use the shelving currently blocked for my math manipulatives. 

 Last but not least, here is the view as I am standing in the doorway that connects my room to my teammates room! This is the best view and you can see all areas of the classroom. To the left is my small group table and another large bulletin board [not pictured]. I am not sure if I get to keep the circle table shown, but I will have five of the curvy-hexagon-shaped tables! 

I hope you have enjoyed the virtual tour of my classroom! As you can see, there is currently a lot of stuff still in there. Our school is hosting a summer school program and my classroom is being used for it. I am still in Kauai, Hawaii and will be until August 3rd! I then leave for another week long vacation on August 6th! Crazy and hectic but I would feel silly complaining about so many vacations! :) My second vacation ends just in time for me to start my New Educators Orientation week-long training. I can't wait to get back into this room and make it my own! 

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~Ms. Jones



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My name is Ms. Jones and I am a first-year, first grade teacher! I recently graduated from Towson University and am beyond excited to finally have a classroom of my own.  Subscribe to join me on this crazy and exhilarating journey! 

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